CDMM course is for anyone who’s looking at learning & leveraging Digital Marketing for individual or organizational growth. Here’s a chart showing a representation of various profiles of people in the CDMM program over the last 10+ years:

Digital Vidya and Digirabia Training Institute will jointly offer this certification.

Vskills is the largest certification body in India. Vskills certification exams are conducted by ICSIL, a Govt. of India Undertaking and Govt. of NCT Delhi Company. It is one of the largest manpower companies of the Government of NCT Delhi. Vskills certifications help candidates quantify and prove their skills in a particular domain - skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.
To obtain this certification, you will have to pay a nominal fee.

There are a number of reasons especially
  • A. Curriculum designed by Industry Experts and digital marketing practioners having 18+ years of digital marketing experience
  • B. Experience of training 38,000+ participants from 16,000+ brands across 55+
  • countries through 3,800+ online marketing training programs since 2009
  • C. Offered in exclusive association with Vskills
  • D. Offers Facebook Marketing certification developed in association with Facebook
  • E. Offers Content Marketing certification in association with LinkedIn
  • F. Highly comprehensive & practical curriculum with 200+ learning hours (10 hours/week)
  • G. Delivered by 20+ industry experts
  • H. Industry’s most practical program with 140 hours of hands-on assignments
  • I. Benefits of instructor-led, Hybrid format (Online as well as Face to Face Sessions)
  • J. Provides Digital Marketing tools worth KWD 300 Free
  • K. Lifetime Access & Support

Yes! If you participate in 2 batches then you can complete the CDMM program in around 3.5 months. Around 45% of our participants choose this accelerated mode.

In this training program, you will get 200+ hours of hands-on assignments to master various aspects of Digital Marketing.
These opportunities include running live Advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook) campaigns, performing a live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategy, practicing various Digital Marketing tools and exercises based on real-life Digital Marketing case studies.

No problem. You are not alone. We will begin your program with you creating your own blog so that you can apply the learnings of this internet marketing course practically.
Does your Digital Marketing Institute offer any Money Back Guarantee?
Yes! After attending the 1st session of the CDMM course, if you don't like the course then ask us for a refund. We will refund your digital marketing course fee and will not ask any question except taking your feedback. However, we will not be able to offer refund your fees in any other condition.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, participation in this digital marketing course will help you prepare & pass 6 of the Google AdWords Certifications and Google Analytics Certification along with HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification through our relevant core and specialization modules.
As shared earlier, you will also get certifications from Facebook and LinkedIn on successfully completing respective modules.

Yes, you can choose to be a freelancer and offer digital marketing services to clients.
In order to become a freelancer, you will surely need to learn digital marketing even more seriously than your fellow participants as you'll have a lot of responsibility on your shoulder when you do it for someone else. As you would have read earlier, we have a special module on 'Selling digital marketing services' for the same purpose. We have a number of our digital marketing certification alumni, who are successfully offering services to their clients. Some of them have even started their own agencies and are doing really well.

In addition to full time, part-time paid internship or freelancing opportunities, you can earn money in digital marketing by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you promote other products/services or advertise through your own blog or a website.
Unlike a few other Digital Marketing training institutes, we don't want to mislead you by showing a dream, which can't be fulfilled. Earning a lot of money as an affiliate marketer is possible but requires a significant amount of time, patience, skill and even luck. If it were so easy then we would have hired people and trained them to do that for us :).

Google India has 2500+ partners, which are brands or agencies, who fulfil certain criterion such as spending a certain amount of budget on Google AdWords. These partners include Premium Partners, who spend even higher budget on Google AdWords.
However, the partnership Digital Vidya has with Google India is different. Digital Vidya is the only Digital Marketing Institute, which is a Digital Marketing Training Partner for Google Partners Academy in India. We train their partners (as mentioned above) through a variety of Digital Marketing training programs.
There areover 15 of our lead trainers, who are part of this associationandthese trainers lead different modules of our CDMM program.
Similarly, we’ve trained Microsoft's partners (i.e. companies which sell Microsoft product & solutions) to help them learn and leverage Digital Marketing. That's the reason why participants of our program get extremely high value in our Digital Marketing course.

Facebook Marketing especially Facebook Advertising has significantly grown. In order Gurukul –Salmiya , Sabah Street ,Block-10 Al –Mulla Exchange Building
to cover various aspects of Facebook Marketing in a practical approach, we partnered with Facebook to co-create a Facebook Marketing course, which is now part of CDMM program. On successful completion of this course, you will get a joint certification from Facebook & Digital Vidya. Similarly, we partnered with LinkedIn to co-create a Content Marketing course, which will enable you to get a joint certification from LinkedIn and Digital Vidya as part of the CDMM program.

You don't need to know technology at all or come from an engineering/technical background or be an MBA to be successful in digital media. The maximum you need to know is HTML, which takes around 2 hours to learn and we will take care of that in the CDMM program.

Sure. Sales & Marketing professionals are the largest community of people who participate in our CDMM program. There are a number of reasons for a Sales Professional to acquire digital marketing skills: Grow in your existing profile and differentiate among your peers by leveraging digital marketing for sales objectives such as lead generation, lead closure and relationship building. Join a digital marketing agency in a business development role Expand your profile by playing a role in the marketing function of your organization. Build a personal brand using digital marketing Make money through freelancing or by becoming an affiliate marketer Realize your entrepreneurial dream if you aspire to be an entrepreneur

Frankly speaking, you don’t have a choice but to learn digital marketing if you Gurukul –Salmiya , Sabah Street ,Block-10 Al –Mulla Exchange Building want to stay in a marketing role. With the growing contribution of digital marketing, marketing is becoming integrated and every marketing professional (including PR/Media/Content) is expected to know it.

Anyone who wants to grow faster and to top positions in digital marketing should have knowledge and experience of various facets of digital marketing especially SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Web Analytics. Based on the gap between these areas and your current knowledge, you can choose to join specific modules or do entire CDMM program.
For the same reason, ~8% of CDMM participants are digital marketing professionals.
Refer below question or this article about ‘Should I learn only SEO, SEM, Social or everything in Digital?’ for further clarity.

Yes, you should master various aspects of digital marketing vs acquiring skills in specific areas. There are a number of reasons: These skills are interconnected. For e.g., if you don’t know Social Media Marketing, you will not be able to produce the best possible results through SEO If you want to rise up to Digital Marketing Head role, you will be expected to have experience in various areas of Digital Marketing. Given the dynamic nature (i.e. there’s continuous variation in demand for various skills), you run a risk of career stagnation if you don’t learn various digital marketing areas early in your career.

Yes, it’s possible to switch your profile to digital marketing if you don’t Gurukul –Salmiya , Sabah Street ,Block-10 Al –Mulla Exchange Building have too many years of experience. Even if it means taking a cut in your 1st salary in digital marketing, you should be up for it considering the long term career growth both in terms of monetary and work profile.

If you are a non-Marketing professional (e.g. Finance, Operations) with significant experience, you should not look at positioning yourself as a digital marketing professional as you would be considered a fresher in the digital marketing industry. Instead, you should look at following benefits of learning digital marketing: Build a personal brand using digital marketing Make money through freelancing or by becoming an affiliate marketer Realize your entrepreneurial dream if you aspire to be an entrepreneur Also, explore the possibility of playing a role in the marketing function of your organization to expand your profile

As a Web Developer/Designer, your contribution towards your organization will significantly grow if you know digital marketing. The knowledge of digital marketing is already expected from a Web Designer/Developer in many organizations. Acquire these critical skills before it’s too late. The other benefits as listed above include building a personal brand, making money and realizing the entrepreneurial dream.

Organizations are already using digital media for fulfilling HR objectives such as recruitment, employer branding & employee engagement. If you are an HR professional and want to stay ahead of your peers, go learn digital marketing before it’s too late.
The other benefits as listed above include building a personal brand, making money Gurukul –Salmiya , Sabah Street ,Block-10 Al –Mulla Exchange Building and realizing an entrepreneurial dream.

A significant % of IT projects today are about Digital Transformation or involve digital media. As an IT professional, your knowledge of digital media will be valuable for your organization and can help you differential among your peers to stay ahead of technology trends.
The other benefits as listed above include building a personal brand, making money and realizing an entrepreneurial dream.

If you are looking at building a successful career in Digital Marketing, the earlier you acquire digital marketing skills, the better it will be for you. As a student, you are anyways spending a significant amount of time on Digital Media. How about making this time directly contributing to your career growth.
We are sharing this based on our experience with even IIM graduates, for whom we’d organized a digital marketing program. Those who were part of it got many more interview opportunities than their peers who missed attending that digital marketing program.

Yes, we don't assume that you have any prior knowledge of digital marketing. Through various modes & stages of the training program, we ensure that our participants with varying degree of knowledge about digital marketing successfully master all aspects of digital marketing to fulfil their desired objectives.

You can register into CDMM through your preferred mode of payment - credit card, cheque. Choose the preferred batch (weekend or weekday) and register.

There are many universities that offer a degree in Digital Marketing to the extent of rewarding their students with MSc or MBA in Digital Marketing.
The greatest focus of these courses is either on the creative aspect of Digital Marketing or it is just many hours of theory. However, our digital marketing classes are designed in a manner that makes you job ready while you are far ahead of any graduate from a digital marketing college. All this is achieved in a shorter period of time and with less money invested. This is mainly because of our industry-relevant content, and the expertise of our trainers in their respective niche. Our focus is not on rewarding students with a Master’s in Digital Marketing degree, rather it is on producing masters of digital marketing who are ready to succeed.

Yes! We’ve already conducted over 470+ customized digital marketing training programs for various Organization such as Accenture, SAP, Oracle, Cognizant, Wipro, GE, EY, Cisco, Philips, Reliance, Tata Motors, Citibank, Intuit, Dabur, Dr Reddy’s, Viacom18, and Institutions including IITs & IIMs since 2009.
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